Energizing the Pipeline

Developing, validating, scaling, and eventually deploying technologies into the market is no easy feat. That’s why establishing a robust pipeline of technical, business, investment, and partnership resources is essential to supporting early stage entrepreneurial companies as they grow and commercialize their technologies.

The Department of Energy, and their 17 national laboratories, are one piece of the innovation ecosystem. By connecting with industry, the vast range of research expertise, facilities, and capabilities of the labs can be put to work to accelerate technologies in their path to market. Commercialization initiatives that have emerged in recent years seek to do just this, but further resources are still needed to support early stage technologies.

Enter the NREL Innovation Showcase.

Hosted by NREL’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, this inaugural program will provide an early look at cleantech innovations either developed at or working with the National Labs. Presenting technologies are drawn from commercialization initiatives that target various challenges along the technology development cycle; including the Lab-Corps program, Small Business Vouchers (SBV) Pilot, Cyclotron Road, and Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2). SBV, Cyclotron Road, and IN2 address critical technology development and commercialization challenges facing early stage startups by allowing them to tap into the reserve of intellectual and technical capabilities of the National Labs. IN2 also seeks to support technology deployment in the field, and awardees with commercially ready technologies have the potential for real-world beta testing within the Wells Fargo building portfolio.

Alternatively, Lab-Corps focuses on entrepreneurial training of national laboratory researchers to help them learn to identify private sector opportunities for lab developed technologies. The program seeks to accelerate the transfer of clean energy innovations developed at the national labs out into the commercial marketplace.

17 clean technologies from these programs will present at the Innovation Showcase October 6-7 taking place in Beaver Creek, Colorado. The event is invitation-only with a carefully curated audience of investment, incubation, and industry resources. By convening the key members of the innovation pipeline, the Innovation Showcase strives to facilitate relationship building and connections that can lead to future partnering opportunities for these entrepreneurs.

Visit our website to learn more about the Innovation Showcase, commercialization programs, and presenting entrepreneurs. We look forward to sharing details and impacts after next week’s event, stay tuned!


–Renae Golden


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